Full-Service Social Media Marketing & Advertising Management

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SOCIAL MANAGEMENT - We determine the Social Sites to use, outline the strategy, execute the plan and manage the campaign. Full-Service administration and monitoring.


MOBILE FRIENDLY - We design all content related to daily updates on each platform for mobile viewing and strategically design advertising campaigns for Mobile devices.


TARGETED ADVERTISING - Advertising Campaigns are targeted to industry demographics based on each business, as well as product/service provided. (Mobile Friendly)


COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - We monitor the Social Accounts for engagement and customer service issues and ensure timely and correct information related to followers.
Social Media Marketing is time-consuming and there is a lot more to it than just throwing up an Update, Tweet or Pin. The Word Pro, Inc. has the time and the knowledge to manage your Social Accounts for you and can create a strategy based on your business goals. Each of our Social Media Packages is custom-designed to fit the business based on size, location, demographics and goals. We provide an initial phone consultation to discuss your goals and business to determine the Strategy, Package and Pricing.