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Developing a solid strategy is the key to a successful business. You must strive to understand your ideal customers – where they hang out, what they are interested in and how they want to be approached. Social media should not be used to “pitch” your products, but generate leads by involving the audience with content that educates them, makes them think, and sometimes smile.

Content must be developed and published to the right platforms, structured in the right way. Content should consider your "brand" as well as adapt to fulfill the expectations of your audience and answer their questions – sometimes before they are asked. All sites must be monitored for comments, questions and leads, and responses must be made within hours or minutes, not days.

A digital marketing campaign must be creative. The right balance of original, educational, informative, interesting, amusing and even controversial content will spark engagement.While information about the company is important it is often the funny or quirky content that gets shared. Adding creative images and/or video to posts and pages in the right format can boost engagement even further (as much as 130%).

Without an accurate gauge of where your leads are coming from, marketing money can be wasted. While the ROI of Social Media is difficult to measure, there are ways to monitor content for engagement. Paying attention to audience reactions (likes, comments, shares) will offer insights about what the audience is most interested in so we can tailor content to what they want to see.
Social Media has become a powerful sales tool. The Word Pro provides Social Media Marketing Help that businesses can afford. We have been helping local and national businesses with Social Media Marketing and Advertising since 2007. Our services include full-service management of Social Accounts, Daily Updates, Advertising Campaigns, Customer Service and professionally written Blogs. We take full advantage of all platforms relevant to your business and implement a strategy that will assist in driving traffic to your website, creating engagement and branding all to help generate sales. We can help you achieve Social Media Success.