The Word Pro, Inc. helps businesses of any size promote their company through Social Media.  Our team creates custom updates to post to Social Sites daily, monitors the accounts and manages advertising campaigns to help your business achieve its goal.  We focus on the Social Sites that work best for your business and industry, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube and more.   We have the time and expertise to do it for you.  For an affordable flat monthly fee, we provide full-service management of your Social Pages and Online Ads.



Back in 2006 we were asked to speak to a group of business owners looking to find ways to expand their reach and grow their companies.  We gave our very first presentation on how Social Media would be the next “big thing” and would be an important marketing and advertising resource in the business world.

For the past 10 years we have been helping businesses across the country, in a variety of industries and of all sizes with their Social Media Marketing & Advertising, as well as Email, Video, Blogging and Traditional Print Projects.



Our team provides your business with the strategy needed to win on Social Media.  Each of our clients receives a dedicated Social Media Manager to provide full-service marketing, advertising and management services.

We have been building our Social Media services and expanding our experience and knowledge. We are now experts in the field.  We have helped numerous companies in a variety of industries across the country…

Now let us help your business!




Now Let Us Do It For You!